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Response from Young Hearts

My name is Aishwarya Tiwari. I am student of Standard IV. My mother is an initiated disciple of Pujya Bapuji. She gave me a book to read called ‘Bal Sanskar’ publilshed by the Ashram. I practiced the yogic techniques described in that book which helped enhance my memory power to a great extent. Previously I had secured 78% and 80% marks in standard I and 1 and II respectively.

But now, by the grace of Guruji, I have secured 90% marks.

Aishwarya Tiwari

I am a student of Standard IV. I passed the III standard with 60% marks. When Pujya Bapuji came to Santacruz, I was initiated by Him with Saraswatya Mantra. I do regular japa of Guru-mantra and attend Bal Sanskar Kendra every Sunday. This year I have secured 94% marks. I stopped eating non-vegetarian food after my initiation. My partents followed suit saying if the children refrained from eating fish and meat then why should they continue to eat.

I was in my village during the holidays. I was very particular about observing my spiritual practices getting up early in the morning. My grandparents saw this and said, “Look at this little girl! She is earning the spiritual wealth of virtues whereas we, even at this old  age, are totally unaware of it. Blessed are the Bal Sanskar Kendras initiated by Bapuji.”

Shalu Singh, Worli Mumbai


…And I Conquered the Anger

…And I Conquered the Anger

One day while checking the tickets of passengers in Mumbai Mail, I went to the air-conditioned coach. There I saw Swami Sri Lilashahji Maharaj sitting in deep meditation on a coir mat spread atop the soft cushions. I was surprised to note that the emancipated Saints see no difference between a third class bogie and a first class air-conditioned coach which is primarily used by the rich. My head bows in spontaneous reverence to such Saints who can sit in Samadhi irrespective of the environment they are in.
I paid my obeisance to Maharajshri and said, “For Saints like you, all places are but the same. You can enjoy the bliss of salvation in all conditions.
But what should the
Househokders like me do to achieve the perfect equanimity as that of yours.
The revered Maharaj advised, “Be rid of lust and anger, then you too can attain salvation.”

Jahaan Ram Thaan nahi kaam
Jahaan kaam Thaan nahi Ram

‘where there is Rama (The Supreme Consciousness), there cannot be kama (lust, desire) and where there is kama, there cannot be Rama.’

Anger is verily Bhasmasura which burns down all the virtues in its wake and also defiles the Antahkarana.”
I replied, “with your grace, surely I will be able to conquer both lust and anger.”
The revered Maharaj said, “Brother! Is grace so easily available? Your own strong effort and firm conviction must accompany the saintly grace. Take a vow that you will desist from these emotions throughout your life… then I will shower my blessings on you.”
I responded, “I am ready to take a vow to abstain from lust and anger for the rest of my life but if I am unable to maintain the vow, I would be considered a liar.”
The revered Maharaj then said, “Fine! To start with take a vow only for a period of 8 days and thereafter renew the vow everyday. In this way you can escape from such sins. Is this acceptable to you?”
I readily agreed with folded hands. The Maharaj blessed me with a couple of flowers. His Holiness  had directly struck at the two gravest shortcomings of mine. I was surprised as to why Maharaj made me take a vow to control only anger and passion (lust) and not any other vice. Later on I Came to know the mystery behind it.
The next day I left kanpur by passenger train. It was around 9o’clock in the morning. I went to the third class compartment and started checking the tickets. When I asked the person sleeping on the first berth to show his ticket, he became angry and started abusing me, “Are you blind? Can’t you see I am sleeping. What right do you have to wake me up? Is this the way of ckecking tickets? Don’t you have any common sense?”
He kept on blabbering in the same vein. I too felt angry but  vividly remembered the vow that I had taken in front of the revered Maharaj and somehow managed to swallow my anger like a dose of poison.
Then I calmly told him, “sir! Your are perfectly correct in telling me that I have neither intellect nor common sense. Look, my hair has become grey in the sunlight. You seem to possess a better intellect, politeness and common sense. Please teach me how I should ask for the tickets.
Unfortunately, it is my duty to check tickets and thus I am very sorry to trouble you in this manner.”
Then I humbly requested him with folded hands, “Sir! Kindly excuse me for the inconvenience. Will you be kind enough to show me your ticket now?”
My politeness made him feel ashamed and he sat up on his berth. He quickly got down and begged for forgiveness, “Please pardon me. I was sleeping and thus did not recognize you. You must forgive me and say so in your own words.”
I was quite pleased and satisfied at the turn of events. I was thinking how beneficial and powerful is the command of a Saint when it is obeyed with faith and diligence.
The compassion of Saints brings forth miraculous changes in individuals even to the extent of changing their inherent nature. Otherwise I had no ability to keep my temper under control. I would have been totally helpless; but the Maharaj’s grace compassion made me worthy enough. A thousd salutations at the feet of such Saints.

Aspirant Shri Rijumal
Retired TTI Kanpur

Relief From Blood Cancer (Leukaemia)

Relief From Blood Cancer (Leukaemia)

In January 2002, my elder son had a high fever. When we consulted doctors, one of them diagnosed it as malaria while another started treating him for typhoid. But when my son took the medicine, his body turned bluish and there was swelling in his body. He became severely anaemic and had to be given blood transfusion of six units. The injections administered to him paralysed his entire body. X-rays of the abdomen and spine were taken. Doctors finally diagnosed it as a fever caused due to disorder in Vata humour and blood cancer. They also said that his heart valve had dilated.
Complicatons only all hope and courage. There was no one else to look up to other than Pujya Gurudev. We circumambulated the ‘Moksha Kutir’ (the cottage at Amdavad Ashram, where Pujya Bapuji used to meditate) and recited Sri Asaramayana. Gurudev Showered His divine grace and in just 18 days, my son started walking again.
My son is now completely cured and I pay obeisance to Sri Asaramayana, the life story of the great saint. This great booklet gave a fresh lease of life to my son when we recited it with faith and reverence..I implore all my devotee-brethren to propitious recital everyday.

N.D. Chawla, Renowned industrialist,
Sector-35, Chandigarh



I took Mantra diksha from Param Pujya Bapuji in the year 1996. A few months later. I met Gurudev at Amdavad Ashram. I sought Pujyashree’s blessing to become Deputy Superintendent of Police. He gave me a mantra and told me to continue my studies. I started regular japa of the mantra and in just one year, I became Deputy Superintendent of Police. Now I am posted at Nanded. Indeed Param Pujya Bapuji’s blessings have done it all. By the Grace of His Holiness I am serving the society and wish to be so blessed that I may contribute my services with even more sincerity and integrity in future.

Sunita Salunke, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Nanded

The Miraculous effect of Sad Guru’s Grace and Gojharan Ark!

The Miraculous effect of Sad Guru’s Grace and Gojharan Ark!

Shri Ram Snehi Yadav is a friend and well-wisher of mine. His mother was ill. Doctors stated that she had a tumor in her stomach and they advised surgery. I brought ‘Gojhran Ark’ made by the Ashram and gave it to his mother and then silently prayed to Pujya Gurudev, ‘O Lord! Kindly help her.’

The tumor, which weighed about 1.5 kgs. Was dissolved automatically and was flushed out along with her urine. Today she is completely healthy!
Pujya Bapuji’s grace is magnificent! I prostrate at the lotus feet of Pujya Gurudev!

Pushparanjan Yadav, Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh)

Reading “Youvan Suraksha” Transformed my life!

Reading “Youvan Suraksha” Transformed my life!

I was drawn towards temples and worship of God since my early childhood. But around the age of 14-15, I fell into bad company. I foolishly made friends with boys addicted to bad habits They tought me masturbation. The mere sight of a girl was enough to excite me and I would look for private place. I would masturbation 3-4 times a day. But fortunately, my pledge of daily worship remained unbroken and I was regular in performing it.

Loss of semen made me weak. My vision would often become hazy and I would get tired even doing just a little hard work and would start panting. At times, I would faint from excessive weakness. My willpower became very weak. I became very hot tempered. My parents would try to show me the right path, but I would not listen to them and argue angriliy with them. By God’s grace I happened to read “Youvan Suraksha”, a book published by the ashram. This changed the course of my life completely. My bad habit was gone forvever. I have never found such wonderful ideas in any other book. I salute those blessed ones who are instrumental in taking this book to people.

I too will try to make this book abailable to schools, colleges and villages. A thousand obeisances to my beloved Gurudev, by whose grace I was able to get rid of this bad habit of mine!

Satya Prakash Mishra
Class X
Faizabad (U.P.)

A Son Gifted by Gurudev’s Grace

A Son Gifted by Gurudev’s Grace

My daughter already undergone three abortions. By divine providence, She happened to listern to Pujya Bapuji’s satsang and decided to circumambulate the Vardada (consecrated Banyan tree in the ashram) in Surat Ashram and took a Purnima Darshan Vow ( a large number of devotees have taken a vow to take food only after Pujyashree’s darshan every full moon day) After the first Purnima Darshan itself, She become pregnant and with Pujyashree’s divine grace, she was blessed with a son!
Thousands of salutations at Pujya Bapuji’s feet!

Bharati K. Patel, Surat (Guj.)