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Various select flowers from the garden of Bapuji

Various select flowers from the garden of Bapuji

If Saraswatya mantra diksha is taken from an accomplished Guru, and if one recites the mantra regularly with utmost devotion, the benefits incurred to memory and intellect are beyond expectation. Thousands of students who got initiated in this mantra by his Holiness Bapuji would vouch for this fact. The book “Divya Prerana Prakash”, which guides the youth towards lofty character, has also benefitted many.

Having initiated by Bapuji many have made progress in their spiritual life and many have established themselves in material life. If we start writing everyone’s experience, we will end up writing a separate book on the topic. Experiences of some we are going to highlight here:

Who hasn’t heard of Ishant Sharma, a revelation in the cricketing world? He is a successful fast bowler. In Adelaide (Australia), he bowled with the speed of 143 Km/h and broke all fast bowling records set earlier by Indian bowlers. In many matches he has played a pivotal role in bringing victory to India. He is disciple of Bapuji.

Ishant says: “Ever since I have come under the guidance of Bapuji, the doors of success have opened for me. By following Bapuji’s words on self discipline and by taking Saraswatya mantra diksha from Bapuji, everyone can shine in his field. All young boys and girls should read the book “Divya Prerana Prakash” published by Ashram.” He makes time from his busy schedule to visit Karol Bagh ashram in Delhi and circumambulates the vat tree there.

The rising start in Music industry, Bhavya Pandit, whose singing was has won her accolades from shanai maestro Bismillah Khan, recites sarasavte mantra given by Bapuji. Her programs are broadcasted on many channels.

Ajay Mishra, who was a weak student earlier, took sarsavate mantra from Bapuji.  By regularly reciting the mantra his intellect shone so much so that he wrote two books worth $110 (Rs 5500) and $150( Rs 7500) on cellular networking which were published in England. Today he is working as “Global product manager” in Nokia.

Physiotherapist, Dr Rahul Katiyal was also a weak student. By the grace of Saraswatya mantra he shone so much that he invented a wheel chair which was praised by American Dr Ruri Kapoor. National Research Development Corporation conferred upon him a national prize and cash prize of 1 lakh rupees.

By the grace of Saraswatya mantra, the poor kid, Kshitij Soni, who would wear slippers made out of tyres and look after buffalos, is Aircraft engineer with “GoAir Airlines”

Kunal Aggarval, who secured 113th All India ranking in IAS exam in 2006, 12th rank at All India level in competitive test for probationary officer by State bank of India in year 2006, and first rank in CBI entrance exam recites Saraswatya mantra regularly. The devoted and humble Kunal says: “I secured 113th rank in one the toughest exam of IAS, all this due to Bapuji’s grace. I pray to my Guruji that take the path of exploring the truth.

Virendra Mehta, whose name is registered in Limca book of world records for remembering 80,000 words along with their page number in “oxford advanced learners dictionary, is one of the 25 most amazing men in the world. He also attributes his success to Bapuji’s mantra diksha and his yoga practices.

Apart from these, there are thousands of students who even after burning mid night oil would secure very low marks in exams, but now, after having taken Saraswatya mantra diksha from Bapuji are getting good marks by putting in very little effort. Whoever has taken refuge to Saraswatya mantra with devotion and faith, his intellect, memory, decision making power has developed manyfolds and he is shining in his work field.


Bapuji answers the heartfelt prayers

Bapuji answers the heartfelt prayers

One month back, in my company transfer orders to Dehradoon were issued for all 50 employees working in the Delhi branch. Employees were asked to report at Dehradoon on 2 April 2009. At around this time Bapuji’s satsang was also announced in Buradi. By the grace of Bapuji, I got the seva of guiding the devotees to reach the satsang venue. I prayed to Bapuji in my heart and the mind of the officers changed.

All employees were supposed to join at Dehradoon on 2nd April, but the higher authorities called all the employees and told that their decision to transfer us stands postponed for some time. Everyone was very happy to hear this. I was the most excited because bapuji’s gurukripa saved me from giving up on seva opportunity. I bow my head to Bapuji a thousand times.

Vijay Sahni,

Q U 10 C,

Pitam Pura, Delhi-88

Mobile-9310695709, 9868637066

With colors, Guruji’s blessing descended on us

With colors, Guruji’s blessing descended on us

My name is Mamta Singh. My husband is a scientist working with ISRO. My son, Gaurav, is 61/2 years old. He had a stone in his Gall Bladder. We consulted many doctors and everyone advised to remove his Gall bladder through operation. This thing was troubling me a lot. In the end, we met one doctor in Bhopal Memorial Hospital. She said that the operation needs to be performed immediately, otherwise the problem may aggravate.
Although I haven’t been formally initiated by Bapuji, but had been following him for past one and half years. I got the inspiration that I should go to Surat to attend the Holi shivir. I reached Holi shivir with my husband and son and took diksha from Bapuji. I attended the program in which Bapuji plays colors with devotees. Then what happened proves that with the colors actually Bapuji’s grace descended on us.
We came back to Bhopal and got the sonography done. The sonography showed no stones in Gall bladder. My son had no stones. I can’t express my feeling in words, would just like to say that
Those who take refuge in guru feet, they remain happy in this world and the other world!
Mamta Singh
Ayodhya Nagar(Bhopal)
Madhya Pradesh
Mobile: 9425674349