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I took Mantra diksha from Param Pujya Bapuji in the year 1996. A few months later. I met Gurudev at Amdavad Ashram. I sought Pujyashree’s blessing to become Deputy Superintendent of Police. He gave me a mantra and told me to continue my studies. I started regular japa of the mantra and in just one year, I became Deputy Superintendent of Police. Now I am posted at Nanded. Indeed Param Pujya Bapuji’s blessings have done it all. By the Grace of His Holiness I am serving the society and wish to be so blessed that I may contribute my services with even more sincerity and integrity in future.

Sunita Salunke, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Nanded

Source: Rishi Prasad January 2004


The Extraordinary Influence Of Mantra Diksha

The Extraordinary Influence Of Mantra Diksha

I am currently working as global services product manager in Nokia, which is considered to be number one mobile phone company in the world . All credit for this goes to the mantra diksha and guidance that i happened to receive from my Sadguru-Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu.

I secured only 56%, 51% and 54% marks in my 7th,8th, and 9th standard exams respectively, because then i was an ordinary student.Later on i completed my engineering from Delhi University, but my knowledge of the subject was not good enough.

It was in the year 1998 that i had the prized opportunity of being initiated in mantra by my Gurudev. By practising the techniques suggested by him, i attained remarkable intellectual development. One day I was inspired to author a book. After a service of only 5 years i wrote a book titled ” Fundamentals of cellular Network Planning and Optimization” which is useful to multinational companies in designing cellular networks. This book is published by a British publisher named John Willey & sons. This book is priced US$110 (approx. Rs5000) and it has been translated into Chinese language as well. After the publication of the book i was awarded a promotion. Now i am frequently invited by the authorities of various nation to instruct their scholars in the field of mobile technology through my lectures. Later on under the instructions of Pujya Gurudev I practised an Anushthana, whereupon i was inspired to write another book and was provided with the required intellectual elevation as well. This book is scheduled to be published in November this year and carry a price tag of around US$150 (Approx Rs 7000) . It is solely by virtue of the mantra diksha and benign guidance received from my Gurudev that a mediocre student, after just a few years of service, is able to author a world class book carrying useful instructions for the multinational mobile companies of the world.

I fail to find any word that can sufficiently express the true glory of Pujyashree Gurudev. He is my Guru and verily my father too. In fact he is all in all for me . It is not that i have attained only intellectual development under his benign guidance, but actually the development has been literally all round in my life and i feel the vital force ( prana shakti) remaining active in the upper centres of my being, whereby i feel myself to be ever cheerful and powerful from within .

– Mr Ajay Ranjan Mishra Janakpuri, Delhi

( From October 2006 Rishi Prasad Magazine )

108 Asaramayan Path

108 Asaramayan Path

Hari OM,

Just to share this information with all sadhak’s, with the Grace of  Pujya Bapuji, we had an Akhand 108 Asaramayan Paath at my home in London on 12th and 13th May 07.

It was a great success, many Gurubhai’s participated with great SEWA bhav.


During the paath around at 7pm on saturday, Mukesh Bhai, my wife Sunanda and myself were doing 47th Paath, we were totally involved in the paath, hruday se we were singing the paath, we felt that, we were watching a video of Bapuji’s activities (as in the paath) like (ve naareshwar dhaam padhare jha paunche narmada kinare, meelon peeche choda mandar, gaye ghor jungle ke andar), we felt that, just like
happening in front of us, and at the end of the paath (probably it was 47th or 48th paath, I am not sure, I was not able look on the counter), we have experienced divine vibrations around the room, the
Bapuji’s picture looks completely different with an extraordinary glow, it’s like Gurudev was sitting there.

I was crying and screaming with very loud voice calling BAPU, BAPU, BAPU my body was shaking as I got an electric shock.

I am unable to describe the real feeling, the above mentioned is just a jhalak of the experience. It was really, really, really a great unforgettable event in my life.


Hari Om,

Bapuji’s Divinity revealed- Dual Vision

Bapuji’s Divinity revealed- Dual Vision

Though i am not a staunch devotee of Bapuji, i experienced HIS DIVINE hand protecting me. I also want to personally meet Bapuji and thank HIM. Is it possible?

I own a shop in Chicago. One Friday evening, I closed for the weekend and came home. On the following Monday morning, I got ready to leave for the shop, but could not find the keys anywhere. Frantically, I rushed to the shop. There, confirming the worst fears, I saw the keys dangling in the padlock! I must have absent-mindedly forgotten to lock the padlock and take the keys. I anxiously entered my shop only to find everything exactly as I had left it three days ago. Nothing at all had so much as been touched. I was amazed, particularly since the neighborhood was especially notorious and notable for burglaries. Normally, if I had left my shop unguarded even for a short while, it would most certainly have emptied by burglars. Considering myself fortunate, I went about my work.

That morning, a regular customer came in and asked me, “Have you taken on and Indian guard?” When I replied no, the customer explained, “On Friday evening night I saw an old man in white garment and long beard. He was keeping guard on your shop. I’d been drinking that night, so I thought I must be seeing things. But when I came the next day, he was still there”

A little later a woman, also a regular customer, came in and told the same story of the ‘Indian guard in white garment with long beard’.

I brought the picture of Bapuji to show her. “Was it him?” I investigated.

“That’s him. It was him!” exclaimed the woman, pointing to Bapuji’s image.

Bapuji was at that time in India, but to protect me, Bapuji assumed a second form and manifested himself 12,000 miles away in America!

–Vinod Divekar